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We all have the ability to heal from our pain. 

I am committed to fostering hope and reducing suffering. 

Expertise in Treating

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I am a New York City psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, centrally located

by Madison Square Park in the Flatiron District / Union Square areaI also conduct Teletherapy (online video) and phone sessions. 

Throughout my many years of practice, I have seen adults and adolescents,

both individuals and couples, who are experiencing a wide range of difficulties.

Those include struggles with self-esteem, loneliness, grief, feeling overwhelmed

or stuck, hopelessness, shame, excessive worry or guilt, self harm, creative blocks,

life transitions, intimacy issues, career challenges, identity confusion and managing stress.


Sometimes you can feel depressed or anxious, but are unable to locate the source of your discomfort. We can work together to understand those feelings, even if you do not yet have words to describe them.

Lead a more engaged, fulfilled, and meaningful life. 

I have successfully treated individuals with mood and anxiety disorders, trauma history, dual diagnosis, and a broad spectrum of other disorders. I believe part of this success is my focus on you as a person, and not solely on the issue or disorder. 

Beginning therapy can cause fear and anxiety. One of the hardest obstacles can be taking the first step and reaching out. I will be there to guide you, help ease that burden, and move at a pace that is comfortable for you. I am always inspired by the courage it takes for someone to face their difficulties.

You are not alone.

We will explore your life narrative, gaining insight that can facilitate greater peace along with significant and lasting changes. It is my nature to be honest and nonjudgmental, which helps build a trusting alliance and the foundation for growth. My goal is to ensure that you are highly supported and deeply understood.

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